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tv   [untitled]    November 3, 2010 12:30am-1:00am PST

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for program management and proposals for the facility in the channel tunnel. we need to get the consultants thate can ie anrking on designs envinmental reew. plans and specifatio tbe ablemo forrd sid. we're also investigating new technologies to enhance energy production and reduce carbon footprint. we're sending a team to look at similar plants built in the u.k. we have a project engineer with us today as well as someone who is in charge of our asset management. coulrece the nber of out there digesters needfrom six whh we wouldeeif we stayed wi
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prtrtmen pssldeatment ito our. tulbe wonrf hi i antos that your staff who support you havebeen out to e facility. they are sing there on top of one othe roofs. they spent a good couple ofat. hours with us learning about the plant, taking a tourf it. all e focus andquestions were really about he southeast digester improvement. i think they all got a good idea of how very close the neighbors are. we have everyo look er the wall and the cansee people's homes right there. that was reallymy sum of te oj i know u wanto ar omth i think there are some other people on the docket as we. as you lookattreatment plts
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around the count in the world, th dmore tn justtt. ople are excited about them. they educate the public. how're we going maours different so thait is a place where pele want toce d it is an asset to the community? we want o tate oe art anis not sething thapele reafr of we wanted to be weoming and seup to ha tours safely. many heacilities uire climbiladdersfo danrous vantage points. en giving a tourcomplex. ving a facility hat welcome ou eople owork witmes us,we wanto do the right thing anexpand our apprenticeship program. i know tommy has so thoughts on that. supervorma how will you
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cilite the process custor is that written up? -- how we hcitate the process? is thateugh? >> we are including mmunity enits in thentire progra supervor maxwell: by a undetand,but what you descrid is not ssary in e mmunity befit. is a benefit to the enti city if it is a beautiful place a community nefit to me is wh you have some of the other today. we're going to talk abt ha a citywide enefit. as we start doing this and payingor it, if more people know abo it, they will be willing toupport it. that i why i a asking about how it igoing tobe and what you are thinking about. is this something you ar thinki? th people will stalaing aroundoiansigng
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for the design criteais g to be onaper. aedatmecesstt hily s only been ed in the u.k. educes e footint. everytngs a sealed veel. itaptures thegasto create en t in mbinationwith energy efficient treatment us t proce over 40%f e ngy for thelant. supeisor maxwell:igree with nowadays ople a looking at infrastructure not been below the groundp of e gd so people can e ats going on. are people goingto be able to e it? i tundersta? i took a tour of oceanside. or the first ime, i undersod digesters becae i could seeit and smelli it was interesting. that is what i am asng.
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are people going to do those kinds of things? inther parts o t world they have brought it tanother leve. > 1 oceswe' moving digeer task rce dher mmity members. we intend to have it be above ground more anspart the aestheti andwhat would ultimate lk ik. facility so is clear letheaygh a notide itn a big coreteox like it is now. the t thint w're proud of and that t ighbod can be pud oas well. sersor ell: for the of you who dootave ase there is seeking in the chambers. we have have eryote in this om. >> we'n a five-ye
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proces i ink everyone is in agreement that we wanis newlace to is a new yof cducting business. it is t something we want to hide. it is someg i t of the astructu of thcity. ou and elme all those things at variouvels last im i did ioryoutt 80% of t adults in san francisco do notnow what happens wh the flushhe toet or take ahower. f tooonthey know. they need to know. it i something tpa for. it a responsibility that we have esigned wh the public i mi. supervisor maxwell: people may
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noknow, te oe county, the have toilet to tap. they a riing that recyc water. i think it is important that we understandhat goes on with anyone else? do you guys have any more that why don't we hear fromfolks on the sk force? would uke to come rward? all rig. sam, w you lik start offwith the ta ce and talk a little b bouttsince y e veste >> gafrnoon. i am sam. and work fo the public utilities commsion. its an ho be herei great city on francisc
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go,giants!" oe hingi wt discusss that the eor put in place somemes tend to take those ings for granted. the board members know i do not ta thosethings lighy. you do knowmy history. tis board was v diverse. woulthink it iseryofpeople dangeusoard to putother. at iwhat makes this ard so uique. i woul o say hat i francisco public ulities commission deservescredor begwillingo ubledto
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put these typesf individuals toge with tat a like tok the sk forceo comepand say few words. i just want to t youno and undeta t pcess wheactiven commy.ngst people about the digesters in the master plan th whole history in that. ev though i work for the ity and counn raisco, you knewhat iused tobe way on them. you know thaternally. the effohe put into this is incredible. tnk sootherages should te a ok ahow th went out getting the ta foe membs.
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i think that is really ccial the process werd a fferent opinions. we also ard the fact th they had to learn how to workith e another to co a consensus. think sometimes as we dese gse rdest thing when you ve your own agea is op that al with wt you uerstand that the tk rce meerrkingw themselv. i thi ey aomplhed th goal. theyid notall beeve the samehi, butthey diwork together i tnkhatis the unique thg. for me, hasbeen an horo pt of thisticulatask supervisor maxwell: ms. so? other members, if you le to sasomething, please linepo
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>> hank y.cess goin ms.jackson from hters point. in ereport ust given to you, some oyou manot haveee around in 1996 wn one of those areacollapse businesses and the streets. that is an old ant erhingilbe new annot we were concernedaut the jobs onsoe issueseing discuss, we did not all agree. i was the one taing about jo. was the onetalki aut gation. omepeople did not wto hear it have en inbayvi since 19 thought i had the gh to reques certain things of the ofswho had livedie mmunity at all of ose years
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wisege p exn.ere when they did the underdhatsege plant fected thee city and county of san ancio. we were ldn 1972 thatwe woully b reiving% of the cit's s. iot veryupsetheiarne we weregetng sewe from discussed. i wantoullo do is not on this, pass it on. collapsed and fell i all the thingsdo the street io lks businesses. i never wi orget one of ownersof ausiness caed me upand tell mto come down. i said was not coming down
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the. i said ias nothe fibu i want to ke surehat everythi is done so we cange januon that nextear in yo are nototingon this today? survisorax: no vote today. >> if i haknow t, i wou have stayed at home. [laught] you d not.ell i amglad i am e program mar a youngommu delopers. i woullike sa that ithas en a pleasure to serve on t panel oe wastte dister task force. although we did n always greisood kno we love eacother andgreeo disagr. i wa spetowar th community benepackage and e youncommunitdevepers. weookforward tbeing part of e traing d
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process of eseoppounits coming down the piline. mmunity. residts who can take atao oall these oprtunities. wlook forward th scholarsinternshi than come out ts. e hopethe commutyenefits package can present tha nd lp identi requirements for the entry lel to prepare people to get some of t long term emoyadof st t constructionphase,to prepare them for long term one thing ioundouthe s very educaonasslling the r. having the opportuty to tour, listen to the different id and how it is as awhole, s ve importantor me.
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the duesand equment for the constion workers, if there were a package to prepare the community for theunion o help them get bacinto theion, help preparehem for thow opleromout.of bringing hank you so much. supervisomaxwell:ne spker, please ep it going. > good afternoon. t youor lding th hearing. i want to alk about co o thes addreed t the digester task force and ask you to step ck and looat how is relates to the entire city ratherha just the parhial ierests o the comssion. in tms hereport and
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work we d, wt everyo said. everyone on this issue. i was the one personhod not sgn offon the ror my ean fonodog that was simple the y the numbe were resented is something you need to keein mind. the way the mbers were presented in terms offuture ost o projects was an escated te we were ookit a projt starting at one point in coarg it to a proct t sts four years later. the naturef m these days isinflation. costs run up. mckou as a plner and economist ishat when you compare projects that start at diffent points in time, u needlook at real costs. what we're looki between the pier 94 alternive and e atus q alternative is difference of about 20 where doestha 20% play i
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right next to the bay that ha behe since the turn of the last century wianity was and otr sorts hingswe used to pile in theay bac when. that is thprincipa cost. theothecostis replang a fewipelines adding som between the facities. when we look at e 20%, we're to the tatus quo ternate. the is a broade issue that speaks to the rest o the pnt and system. thway thisreport and process was set up, we weresictly that is clearlyessaryrs. what has recently come out a has become apparent is at the coming near the en of its we will ha to sthiinoutreplacin.
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that isabout a 30--old plt. to dothis planning and dide where weill spend biio of infrastrucre forthe next 50 or years, we ould be looking at it from an overall perscte ermsthe entire plan. at both the puc and theis port of san fransco ar sometimes at odds in terms of theiowinstitutional interests. theyit hard to agre decision make, the legisla body, herd osupervor and the yorto forcethem o dialogue and work together. wh there's all is talk about aoiding 94 becausepeopave notions aboututur developnt, the
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thbiggesreal-estate bubble in the history of mankind w ' ached e t things l not bpenc ut weeed to loo ow we ca protecthe ssets at pier 94, thdustrial aets thil be uer water in a geratn if we do not clean up the eisting toxic landfill and rient the landu of a strategic point toward someing chorpove and enefiafor the community. this is outside thebnds of think it is really important for you as decision makers to look at this toee hee cerazehe syste, sta looking at the irastruure assets in a more strateg fashionso that when we uild
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anve this money, w it in a way that sets san frcisco up for the fur supervisorwell next speaker,e. wt alehas saii would like for you sak o that. i thoughi hed you mention looking at he rest of the ant. why dos piecemea >> i ree with youras atement. i was on theask force as well. i want to say th this was a greaprocess. we didcomeo a fina agreemen was consensus my definitionofcosus is th nobody is completely y. i did warn that the woulde a minotyep i am he fo partof the mirity report. one he in tt was a
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problem was what alesaid. vi it were thecase that both sewage plants have to be ilt orave a lot of work, should belooking of wholpicture. had we bn lookg of the whole pie,heree some arnatives twe ometely scratcheeayon ecausethe sites werlarge enoughto house the desrs. ife're going to merzehe r i am learni know how i yo get n these committees and realizyou have tbecome an expert. i am leaing tere are lot oys of treati sewe bett much more effnt d wouldreque a much smaller footprin thatould ve us additional the digesters.hereo put
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we satched oneide cause it watoo small. it cost some money torcse. i do not thi that cosshould be the first ftor deteining where we will put a sewage plant thatshould srt or the nex100 years. if we adopt someadditional processes, we could obably put e digester and mosofhe activity on a much smalle footpnthan what we havenow, we need toe looki at these of other things. i st learned very recently that auc more effient and quicker processtt would be healier for the community wn 're talkingaut treating the
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water after it has gone to t digesterwould be using something other than chemicals. if we did hat, it would be loquicker. e would no need as much room. we would trulybe moving towards being state of the art. i to ggest thate digesterask forcehas done its ty for the first up. ste --- ste [tone!] we ne to go bk and have the expertse we evelede put to working on how we do the whole system. ut lso just want to suor al's other suggestion at we need to look at spreading this aroun we d oteed to have of esewage in r neighborhood suisor maxwell: next speaker, plee.
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>> my name is francisco da costa. ystem -- sewer system provemenprogram. survisoraxwell: kw, it is a hearing on o. >> let me address at. some years o the constituents of san fis paa msure for 2.4 billion. conveniently, t s frcisco puic utilies cmissio waste water -- just to address ess e waste war amere to aresshe issu
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in ger ha an idea aut ourasteto war syem waste water of than 75 s o we alsoto he a sense o puc. ging toe a backup of saltwater in tsystem that compromise erythin you ave heard about a task allywhat the ci and county has to address is quality of life issues. of you superso mentioned yohaveeearou tt area
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d n go and evaluate tha yourself. anotherthing we ha to keep in mi is ousing element. it tksbout devopers bilding 10,500 mes. al ths not haennless yo somethinghat n otrtion thi is a hearg where we need to giveopptunities our unpeop. i ha beenworking with projects we have lly, who will be surpsed that 'm calling ou her . weneed sdentsike he weeestudents inour uversittoarticipatein this project. 'oing to do tha on my own
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universities, sth's why i'm re. i tnk the next time,efore we even start, iyou ad t agenda, sultrto follo whats on theagenda, okay? ha you very much. supervor maxwell:an further ok. ♪ we botonceou were find , for kw yowill what ser ithe city will shine me eople would his item
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a i do notis a w th say they donotsee the sioux were like i and hen knowinall round ewerf heyw i i usedo say theser buwee t fix when youx it an al arou this citis going o shine inyo werearo-- evy weral ound we will fix it all thewe will beivine♪ [pplause]
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supervisormaxwe: all right, e speaker. ngg ot ired. >> in j a law studen, so i cannot folw hat ry well -- 'm re epseing thet. ayvw/hunters pointcommuni advocates. has long been the locatioof mundustry thatimped qualy of life for resints. soust aswater treaen plan ilocad dict across the streetfrommany resideiaareas, anresis haveen negatively impaed by facilior yea. fm asheci o sa francisco s forthw trtment ants that ll ser the city the ne hundredyears, its fiiderion ld be environmental justice iues. the ng-term safety anheth of the restsust e a top iority inheecisionmaking iority inheecisionmaking process.


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